Monday, August 18, 2008

Pen Mutiara Curry fish head (Penang)

Pictures taken from Pen Mutiara Homepage.

Finally, after months of badminton-deprived, manage to get to the court with the gang.
After a hearty exercising, need to have a hearty meal; so we decided to adjourned for lunch after the game, since all of the gang members got 'visa' approved by their spouses for the day. I'm visa-exempted, hehe ;).

After considering all the places and cuisines around , one of my friend suggested Pen-Mutiara for lunch. My friends said that it used to be a run-down place (if you check out it's website, it started out as a canteen); but when we went there, we were greeted by a 3 stories building! my first thought is .. is this a hotel or a restaurant!?

Anyway, all 4 of us were in awe when we entered the restaurant; we were greeted by a bistro-like environment. There's a dining section, a lounge section, and a live-band stage. There's even an indoor waterfall and fish pond. A very nice surrounding.

Curry fish-head is definitely a must-have; it's very nice, got the sourish taste, and not too spice (it's much less spicier than the Ah-Chu 阿鼠 Curry Fish-head at Bayan baru market). We also order a turmeric chicken, a fried kangkong and fried squid.

Curry Fishhead and
Turmeric chicken

Fried Kang-kong.

Food & beverage: 7/10. (8.5/10 for curry fish-head).
Ambiance: 8/10. (it's good for a malay restaurant).
Price: 7/10 (been reasonable, approx RM20 -RM30 / person).
Service: 6/10
Food presentation: 8/10.

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