Friday, August 8, 2008

Greatest Show on Earth!

The Greatest show on earth!

The Greatest show on earth begins on 2008-08-08 at 8 o'clock. China promise the world to host the best ever Olympics ever, and delivers to it's promises with a out of this world opening Ceremony!.

The opening ceremony starts within the Bird-nest stadium, with the presentation of China's great inventions to the world, namely gun-powder, paper, painting and the compass.

What amaze me is the Olympic rings, it started as huge lighted circles on the ground. Then it gradually rises

through the air, as it's magical. The Olympics rings just breathtakingly suspensed in the air. Beautiful!

Then the enchanting Scroll of thin film on the ground of the stadium was just pure unbelievable. Throughout the initial part of the opening ceremony, it just showing fanciful pictures in the theme of what’s the presentations staged by thousands and thousands of participants were going on surround it.

No opening ceremony can be without the theme song. Can’t recall the name of the Chinese male singer, but the female singer is none other than Sarah Brightman, ever so beautiful and powerful voice!

The Olympic flame lighting is as specutular as it gets; an former gymnast fly through the sky, and ‘running’ along the wall of the Bird-nest side-roof, and finally lighting the gigantic torch.

It’s the best opening ceremony that I’ve ever seen! It makes me feel proud to be a Chinese, eventhough I might not be in China. But how I wish I’m in the Bird-nest stadium that very moment! I don’t even mind if I got birds dropping on me. ;)

All photos are from Beijing Olympic's webpage at

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