Monday, September 22, 2008

My first Chicken Rice!

My first Chicken Rice!

No, this is not about the first chicken rice that i've eaten, but it's the first chicken-rice that i have cooked.... last Saturday. :D

I saw the recipe of chicken rice in the newspaper a couple of weeks ago, so, thought of been adventurous and try it out myself (since my parents are not around, so, it doesn't matter if i kinda mess up the kitchen .. and of course the chicken .. a little bit ;)

I went to do some ingredients shopping at Tesco in the morning ... 2 chicken tights, 1 chicken carcass (for the chicken-broth to cook the rice), green spring-onions.

Ingredients that i used.
Chicken Tight (to cook steam chicken).
Chicken carcass (to prepare the chicken broth to cook the rice).
Fresh Mushroom (i put some oyster-mushroom to cook the broth, just to get more taste).
Cabbage (I also put in some cabbage to further sweeten the broth).
Green spring onions.
Pandan leaves.

Steps that I took.
Boil the chicken carcass in water for a couple of hours, with 1 or 2 cloves of garlic. Put in some cabbage and later mushroom when it's about ready. Put in some salt, pepper and soya-sauce to taste, and also the pandan-leave to fragrance the rice. Cook the rice with the the chicken broth.

I cook the chicken tight in the chicken-broth as well. Marinate and season with some salt, pepper and soya-sauce. After a couple of minutes, put the chicken-tight in cold-water, and rub some olive-oil to lighten the chicken-skin, and prepare it from drying.

Chicken soup, with cabbage and mushroom.
With the remaining chicken-broth, i used it to cook a soup, with cabbage and mushroom.

For the rice, the chicken-rice taste is there, but, it's too soggy and oily. Might also consider using rice with less-stach (like the Taj-mahal brand)
Definitely much more room for improvement. :)


Layzze said...

Hey not bad leh.. even the spring onions was nicely sliced on the edges. Good job!

Alex said...

Sounds great! I wait for the invitation :)

patricktoh said...

haha ..
layzze: thanks! ..
alex: need to wait while i try to bring it to more perfection first... for now .. we stick to Chili's ;)

meiyi said...

can delivery for lunch?