Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Nice food at Macedoine Dinning (QBM)

After receiving an email about a restaurant at the Penang's Queensbay Mall (QBM), i decided to try it out with a couple of my lunch mates. It's called Macedoine Dinning.

It's located just at the corner by the mall's north entrance (Opposite HSBC), and by the side of TGIF. Since it's just by a corner, it doesn't looks too impressive and have only a couple of tables, but do not let this diminutive appearance deceive you.

The menu is not too overwhelming. For the set meals, there are about 6-8 entrée to choose from. All set meals are served with soup and drink of the day, and are priced either RM13.99 or RM14.99 depending on your entrée.

Starting off with the soup, it's so-so only. I have had much better mushroom soup.

I ordered the Mix Grill (chicken, lamb and a sausage) set lunch. It's a good portion, and what can i say .. it's meat, just what i want it. :) ... although the lamb is a little bit chewy, but the taste is ok, sautéed with plenty of onions.
The Chicken Chop looks more appetizing though, and the food presentation is commendable. Definitely not something you expect from a corner of a mall.

The Fish entree also looks mouth-watering.

The place is filled up by 12:30 noon though.
In term of the taste, i would say it's still behind TGIF and Chili's. But with such a price, i think it's a very reasonable place to dine in; and watch shoppers coming and going.

For a place named after a salad, i can't recall seeing salad on it's menu though. :D

Food & beverage: 7/10.
Ambiance: 3/10. (can't expect much from the corner of a mall entrance).
Price: 7/10 (been reasonable, approx RM15 -RM20 / person).
Service: 5/10 (nothing special).
Food presentation: 8/10 (for a Deli by the corner of a mall entrance).


Layzze said...

Wow always hungry eating so much food! How come still "HUNGRY" huh????

patricktoh said...

As they said "Food for thoughts" ... so .. have to eat before can think .. if not cannot think. :P

Layzze said...

Remember to bring your camera along for this Thursday feast as well.

meiyi said...

best mushroom soup = FRIDAYS!!!

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